Friday, January 24, 2014

Summer top

Sometimes a picture is not what it seems. With online shopping, you kinda take a risk since pictures can be very deceiving. Like in this case, the top looked cute on the website, but not that much in real life.


Though sometimes you see something really nice in the store and you try it on and it doesn't look as good. So it is not just with online shopping. Anyhow, the fabric of this top was quite weird and really see through. I don't mind the see through part. What I didn't like was the ruffled band at the end of the top. It was way too long and made me very short. Plus the ruffled band was a bit much. So this one is going back. It was 10 euros on the H & M webshop, it's on sale. 


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you for the suggesting, I really appreciate. I still didn't keep it, since I didn't like the ruffled band. It made me really short, even with a tregging

  2. Ik vind het eigenlijk wel een leuke top hoor ;) Het zou
    ook heel gaaf staan met een leren broek eronder !


    1. Dank je voor de suggestie :). Maar ik vond die elastische band niet zo leuk. Ik ben nogal klein en de top maakte mij nog kleiner. Maar ik denk dat 'ie bij een langer persoon met een leren broek heel mooi zal staan!

  3. really pretty top :) xx

  4. Great review. I hope you are enjoying your week.