Tuesday, January 7, 2014


It was time for Almere again. Another Primark visit and of course another H & M visit. It was also time to dump old clothes at H & M, so I would receive some discount. I went with my mother and my sister M. to Almere and we brought six bags with us in the train. Which was weird, because we already had ton of bags before we even went shopping! This is what I bought: 


I bought this cute summery top at H & M for 5 euros. It used to be 14,95 euros. 

I also bought this super cute polkadot blouse, for only 5 euros. It was originally 9,95 euros.

I love blouses like this even though I didn't own one yet. So I immediately bought two. It might look cute with the blouse tucked in my jeans. This one was 5 euros as well, it was 9,95 euros before.

 This dress with graphic print looks great in my opinion. It was 7 euros, originally 12,95 euros. It's a bit tight, but I don't think you can see too much due the graphic prints.

A basic purple skater skirt. Yes, another one! For 5 euros, I couldn't resist. It was 9,95 euros before. 

I just realized I only bought sale items lol. So this one was a sale item as well. It was originally 24,95 euros, but I bought it in the sale for 10 euros. Such a cute and warm sweater!


After buying all these sale items at H & M I went for a quick peek at shoe store Van Haren. I really didn't plan on buying new shoes, but these were only 14,95 euros. They were on sale. They were 24,95 euros at first.


I also stopped by Primark and it was packed with people at all. So awesome. It's really amazing to shop at Primark while it's not super busy! There were a lot of items on sale, which is a nice welcome as well. Tons of coats were priced of, including this cutie! It was originally 25 euros, but priced of for 15 euros. Even more amazing, when I wanted to pay it was only 9 euros. Such a bargain for a coat. Though it's not very warm. It's more a coat for the fall, but still so cheap for a coat!

Items at H & M which I didn't buy:

5 euros, on sale. The color was a bit lackluster.

Gorgeous trench, but it made me a bit small.20 euros, it was on sale.

The grey dress in red. Pretty see through as you can see. Also 5 euros.

Don't mind the socks please, my feet were freezing since the floor was so cold. This polkadot dress was 5 euros, but a bit too tight. Darn.

Since I already bought the purple one, I decided not to do this one. Even though it was super cute. It was on sale and I think it was 10 euros.