Wednesday, January 29, 2014


If you follow my on Twitter, you might have read I didn't want to buy/order anything this week. I'm a little bit sad I broke my promise. But these All Stars were so cheap (normally they're more expensive) I just had to do it. 


What color do you think it looks like? I think it looks more like light brown. But my mother and sister M. say it also looks like mustard. I do see a little bit mustard, but I would say it's more light brown. These were 44,10 euros and now on sale. I didn't have to pay any forwarding charges.


  1. they look nice doll :) xx

  2. Hi dear!! Good morning :)
    Your blog is so cool, i really love your style!!
    Come to see mine, and my new post "Stand here"

  3. I mean you can't pass up a bargain!