Monday, December 30, 2013


I looked several times at this sweater since the beginning of October I think. This sweater has been on sale for ages, but was never sold out. It was originally 34,95 euros and if I recall correctly it was on sale for 20 euros. I guess women still weren't interested because the sweater didn't get sold out. And that's mostly a bad sign, when an item of H & M is on sale and is still available. Usually you have to click on the item like crazy when the site has been restock. Quickly put the item in your shopping bag and when it has been ordered, you can finally breathe. But none of this hoopla was necessary with this sweater. While it certainly grew on me, I decided to wait. Because I noticed that when an item doesn't get sold out, it becomes cheaper. And it did! Now only 12 euros in the sale. That's a good price, since the sleeves aren't that long.


  1. I use this tecnique too, is easy to find great deals when you notice how people react to a certain cloth and this sweater is lovely, perfect for so many occasions!


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    1. Yes, I love this technique. Though it's not a 100 % guarantee the item will become cheaper or if it does, you'll be able to buy it because people might have noticed the cheaper price as well!

  2. i am a big fan of sales, too :)