Thursday, January 2, 2014


Do you sometimes go to a thrift shop or a second hand store? I was never that fond of them, since I didn't really like the idea of buying clothes which someone already wore. After this really cute polkadot blazer, I started to think differently. I used to picture thrift shop clothing as dirty. But after I washed it, it's just as clean as the rest of my clothes. Plus, clothes in stores might be new, but a lot of people try the same items and it's not like those clothes get washed. So basically, I really want to go to a thrift shop.


I went to a big thrift shop with my mom. We searched every rack and I found three items which I really liked. One of them was this brown blazer from Zara. It was 8,50 euros.

I liked this blouse as well. It was 6,95 euros and it's from Esprit. It is a bit big, but it will be perfect underneath a blazer.

 This blue top was 4,50 and surprise, surprise, it's a vintage H & M! 


Of course I had to go to other stores. One of them was the C & A, where I bought this flower dress for 7,45 euros. It was on sale and originally 14,90 euros.

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