Monday, December 30, 2013

Outfits of the week - Week 52

The last week of the year people. Next week, we'll have the first week of the new year while it's still December. Weird right? This was a weird day as well, with Christmas. I didn't have the idea it was Christmas and now that's is over I don't have the feeling Christmas was just Wednesday.

I went to a friend this day. I went for a casual look, but the boots (Van Haren) make the look more unique. I wanted to make the outfit a light less basic. Though I absolutely love the sweater (H & M) and the jeans (H & M), I think this outfit looks more special with the boots.

I love the red jeans (C & A) combined with this black and grey sweater from Takko Fashion. The grey studded ankle boots are from Van Haren.

Christmas time, oh Christmas time... I didn't wore a very festive dress, but I didn't mind. The dress is from Primark, shoes are Van Haren (old).

Again, perhaps not very festive. But I just love this dress (H & M) and wanted to wear it with Christmas.

After two days of Christmas, it was suddenly a normal day again. No feasts, no huge amounts of foods. Just relaxing all day. The top (H & M) does look a little bit festive. I combined it with my light jeans (H & M) and brown ankle boots from Van Haren.

I wanted to wear this outfit for quite some time, but I told myself I would wait until I went out with a friend. The red heels are from De Schoenenreus and in my opinion look perfect with the boyfriend jeans (H & M) and this sweater from H & M. Normally, I would combine a baggy item with a tighter item but I think this works. Do you agree or would you combine the boyfriend jeans in a different way?


  1. Hele mooie outfits :D Staan allemaal goed!


  2. Love your fringe boots and those boyfriend jeans are awesome, great parings! XO

  3. love your fringe boots !! are outfits are very pretty dear :) xx

  4. cute outfits hun

    xx Jeeshan

  5. so cute
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