Saturday, December 28, 2013

Outfits of the week: Week 51

This week I went to my sister E. She celebrated her birthday with a very nice dinner. It was also very windy this week. Not that great when you want to shoot outfit photos! And how can I forget, I went shopping in Zwolle with my mom.


On Monday I went walking with my mom. It was quite windy outside so I wrapped myself up in a nice scarf. The scarf with flowers from H & M isn't that warm but I wanted to take a quick look which scarf looks better with my grey New Yorker coat.

I think this brown scarf from the H & M does the coat better justice. The bright colors compliment the grey color in my opinion. It's also warmer.

 I wore my bright blue blazer from the H & M, paired with my favorite striped top from Vero Moda. And yes, that's my beloved superstretch jeans again from H & M.


 The boots are from De Schoenenreus and the socks are from Van Haren. I love the combination of the boots and the socks. What do you think?

I can't seem to find a picture of my outfit on Tuesday, when I went shopping with my mom in Zwolle. I wore a sweater from H & M, because a blouse with shopping isn't a great idea. I wore my superstretch jeans from H & M (not pictured) and different boots (see picture below).

 I wore these biker boots with shopping. Perfect, since they're really comfy. The boots are from De Schoenenreus.

I matched this grey sweater from H & M with my orange jeans from H & M. I bought the sweater two years ago I think. I purchased the orange jeans in April 2011. I remember, since I bought a ton on a day in April. I went to Zwolle with my mother that day and purchased new clothes at H & M and Mango. Back than, my jeans were quite tight. I wanted a size bigger, but that wasn't in the store. So I went with this size and I don't know what happened but eventually it fitted to a T. My sister M. owns the same jeans, she bought them before I did and I loved the color. So I wanted them as well. The black ankle boots are from H & M.

A preppy look again. The blue sweater is from C & A, just like the pink blouse. The light jeans are from Vero Moda. The horse riding boots, which make the outfit extra preppy, are from H & M.


It's the first time I'm wearing my pink blouse. It was 15 euros and I bought it at the beginning of this year.

Pink again! A slightly different pink than thursday though. I'm wearing my new pink sweater from C & A, my superstretch jeans and black ankle boots from H & M.


My sister M. and I loved Catching Fire so much, we wanted to see the movie again. I wore my denim dress from C & A. I couldn't find my legging, so I wore a black panty from HEMA. The black ankle boots are from H & M. I wore the denim dress on purpose, because it kinda reminded me of Katniss dress in The Hungergames during the Reaping. 

 Yeah, now that I see this picture it looks nothing alike. Luckily I didn't buy that dress specifically for this movie. I just thought it would look funny as a nod to the first movie. Even more funnier is that my sister M. and I were too late so we couldn't get in. And it was the last time it was in that specific cinema. So we streamed the movie.


 My sister E. celebrated her birthday, so we went to visit her and her boyfriend.We had a wonderful evening. She and her boyfriend made a yummy dinner! I decided to wear my vintage polkadot blazer again. It's from the Divided collection from H & M, but my mom bought it at a secondhand store, so it's vintage!

Again the superstretch jeans and the black ankle boots. Both from H & M. I should wear different pants again haha. The black blouse is from Takko Fashion.


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