Friday, January 24, 2014

Outfits of the week: Week 2

I went to Almere and Amsterdam this week, for some last sale shopping. While I was quite successful in Almere, I didn't buy anything in Amsterdam.


I think these squared jeans (H & M) work the best with a basic sweater or top. This sweater isn't that basic, but not filled with graphic prints either. Other wise the outfit would've been too busy for my taste. But I think this works. The black ankle boots are just like the sweater and the jeans from H & M.

Ready? Okay! I went to Almere with my mother and sister M. and as usual went for a casual shopping outfit. My white and blue striped top is from the H & M, just like the light jeans. My favorite boots with shopping are my motorcycle boots from de Schoenenreus as you might have noticed.

I didn't go away today,  but I wore these shoes the whole day so they will be more comfortable. I'm wearing my light jeans (H & M) again and combined it with this dark red blouse (H & M).

No pictures of Thursday, because I wasn't feeling that great. I just wore my pj's all day. On Friday I wanted to work on school, so I decided to wear a blazer. I wanted to wear an outfit which screamed: I'm ready to work. I think the outfit says it all, but alas it didn't have the effect I wanted to because I still need to a lot of homework. The blazer is a vintage Zara, the light jeans are from H & M, just like the white blouse (H & M). Shoes are All Stars (Converse).

I had a dinner party with colleagues. It was nice and the food was amazing. My friend forced me to wear a dress, because she didn't want to be the only one who would be wearing a dress. So the good friend I am, I changed my work clothes for this cute dress from C & A. The brown legging is from years ago, it's from Vero Moda. The red ankle boots are from H & M.


I just received a package from H & M and among other things this Aztec sweater was included. It's really warm, which was nice because I went to Amsterdam with a friend. We went to a museum about the resistance of the Dutch people in the Second World War. My friend never went there, but I've been there before as a teenager. It was a really fascinating museum, but it was so cold in there. My friend was freezing. Later we went shopping but I didn't buy anything. I'm wearing the motorcycle boots from de Schoenenreus again, paired with my tregging from H & M.


  1. lovely outfits dear :) xx

  2. Replies
    1. I didn't even thought about it, but you're right! Thanks :)

  3. Following you back on gfc bloglobvin and g+

  4. Cute! Nice dress.

  5. the aztec sweater is so cool!:) lovely finds!♥

  6. I def. need to buy converse, they go with everything! XO

    1. That's true, stay tuned. I have a post on Converse soon!

  7. I love the blue and white stripped top. Cute!

  8. i like your outfit, its so laid back and kind of my style :)

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