Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Look good with sport

Do you like sport and do you like affordable fashion? H & M now released a bigger sport collection, which is affordable and looks quite good in my opinion. They are 4 styles: Go Running, Go Athletic, Go Bodymind and Go Outdoors. All for the different sports. Each clothing item of each style goes perfectly with the different sports. For example, the items of Go Athletic are clothes which are comfy and which will remain dry and fresh. The clothes for Go Running are light and are safe to wear outside when it's dark, because it has striped on it which reflect light when a car goes by. Go Bodymind has comfortable clothing as well and looks a little bit more trendy. Last but not least, the clothes of Go Outdoors. These items are stretch, so comfortable to wear outside. You can layer with these pieces and they dry easily. Now enough about this, let's look at some pictures! Perhaps nice to know, the Swedish Olympic Team and the Swedish Paralympic Team will be wearing sports clothes from the H & M Olympic Collection.

Go Athletic wear:

Sport tights € 19,95
 Sports jacket € 29,95
 Sports bag € 29,95
 Sport pants € 19,95
 Sport racerback top € 9,95
 Sport bra € 14,95
Sport top € 14,95
Sport bra € 19,95

Go Bodymind wear:

 Sport tank top € 14,95
 Sport top € 14,95
Yoga mat € 29,95
 Sport bra € 14,95
 Sport pants € 19,95
 Yoga shorts € 9,95
 Sport top € 9,95
 Sport bra € 14,95
Sport tights € 19,95

Go Running wear:
 Sport tank top € 19,95
 Running top € 24,95
 Running shorts € 14,95
 Running tights € 29,95
 Sports bra € 24,95
 Running top € 29,95
 Lightweight jacket € 29,95
Waist pack € 9,95

Go Outdoors wear:

 Functional top € 19,95
 Lightweight jacket € 39,95
 Sports bra € 14,95
 Sport pants € 29,95
Down vest € 39,95
 Fleece top € 24,95
Sport pants € 39,95


  1. That first outfit is def. my fave!!! XO

  2. oh wow! I need these in my life! Great stuff as usual from H&M


  3. great stuff !! love H&M :) xx

  4. wow! i love the sporty outfit!

  5. u rock<3

  6. Lovely sport collection. I need to update my sport attire. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Olá!!!, Deus te abençoe bom dia, amiga amei o post
    look maravilhoso para esporte S-U-C-E-S-S-O A-M-I-G-A.
    Canal de youtube:

  8. I really like their collection, too - wonderful clothes and the prices are great. x

  9. Who knew sport could be so stylish! haha

  10. great inspiration!:)♥ love the yoga shorts!

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