Wednesday, January 29, 2014

All Stars sale!

I love All Stars but own just one pair since they're not exactly cheap. But they're really comfy. And easy to walk on. I just wish my All Stars were perhaps a little bit bigger, since I like to have space for my toes ( I have very long toes). So I was looking at All Stars online and this website (Europe only) currently has a lot of All Stars for sale! That's why I'm showing some All Stars which I think look interesting.




Update February 5: The shoes are no longer on sale

P.S. If you want to look at the whole collection of All Stars on the website, click here.


  1. I love converse, I wanna pair of white ones, soon soon ;) XO

    1. I thought about getting white ones, because they look awesome as well!

  2. cool and comfy shoes ! xx