Friday, January 10, 2014

A box in a box

When I came home from shopping in Almere, the postman tried to deliver a package but nobody was home to accept it. Luckily, the next day my packages were delivered again and I was at home.


One of the items from my packages was this super cute vest from the Divided collection from H & M.


 This denim skirt was in the package from H & M as well. It was a bit shorter than I expected. Still, I'm keeping it. You're only young once right? And it's not super short, but shorter than I'm used to.


These lovely fake Kate Middleton shoes came in as well. But they're going back, since they weren't that comfortable. When I got them before, there was a bump in the sole. So I felt that bump during walking, not really comfortable. A shame, but oh well. I have enough other shoes!


My fake Timberlands came in as well. I love how they look, but I wasn't that sure at first whether I would keep them. At the moment they're not that comfortable, but I want to keep since they look so amazing. Plus, they're okay to walk in with two socks on. So I might have to do that. The shoes are a bit ridged, I need to wear them often so they will be more comfortable. 

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