Monday, December 30, 2013

Top 10 best purchases

This was super hard, just like my favorite outfits of the year, but I wanted to do this. It's nice to look back on what I bought this year. I may or may not forgot some things... But that were T-shirts, which I haven't been able to wear as of yet. Do you want to know which purchases made the top 10? And at which stores did I shop my best purchases?

1. I'm still in love with this coat, even though it kinda looks like my green coat (look below). I already wore it a few time, but since I bought it in November and it's not exactly a winter coat, I haven't been able to wear it a lot. Don't worry, I'm sure I will in 2014! My  only purchase from the New Yorker which made the top 10. It was 50 euros.


2. Just like my coat, I'm still in love with this vest from the H & M. Basically, I'm still in love with all of these items.It was so hard to purchase this vest, because it was sold out every time. After a couple of days I finally saw this vest landing in my shopping bag, with some neat discount codes as well! I had to pay 29,86 euros instead of 39,95 euros.

3. This wonderful coat from H & M was also sold out all the time. Because I wanted to have this coat so badly, I searched at Marktplaats (sort of Dutch Ebay, even though we have Ebay in the Netherlands as well) and what do you know? It was right there, in my size. This was fate. Even though it first smelled very badly (apparently the previous owner smoked), I'm still more than happy with it. Besides, it doesn't smell anymore! I payed 31,75 euros for it and it was worth every euro.

4. This may look like a boring sweater to some of you, but I think this one is awesome. It's warm and cheerful despite the black and white combination. The polkadot make the sweater playful and happy. Dots basically became my new stripes. The sweater is of course from H & M and I payed 16,96 euros.

5. My only purchase on this list I bought before my blog. At first I wanted to put my grey coat from New Yorker on this list, but I was happier with this coat when I bought it. Because at the start of this year I didn't have a nice winter coat. I had a boring grey one from the Biggles, which was a couple of years old. I didn't wear it a lot when I just bought it, because I found another one. But eventually that grey coat was my only coat so I had no choice. But that coat wasn't very warm and it dust came on to it like crazy. So I was so relieved when I found this amazing coat at V & D in the sale for only 40 euros.


6. I might have been a cowboy in a previous (previous?) live. I love fringes and cowboy jackets. Naturally, I needed to have these boots, even though they don't look like cowboy boots. They still have fringes. I'm sure I won't have worn these boots when I was a cowboy. But since I'm not one in this live, I think I will be okay. The boots were 14,95 euros.

7. The first skirt I bought in years. I love it, it's very festive and easy to style. I love how flowy it is. I also really like the flowers, the colors. I just love everything! The price? 14,95 euros. The store? Guess... H & M!

8. This may feel like cheating, but I really couldn't choose between my tregging and superstretch jeans. They're both super comfy, look amazing and I'm so glad I bought them. I usually wore skinny jeans which weren't that skinny. Now I do and I think it's amazing. I think I can wear it, because it doesn't give me fat legs or something. The tregging was 14,95 euros and the superstretch 19,95 euros, both are from the H & M.

9. This T-shirt was certainly not a Moo Point! I always think of cows when I look at the T-shirt, but luckily don't feel like one when I'm wearing it (which was only once, for a picture for my blog, but still...). The details are amazing and for only 12 euros (H & M) makes it even more amazing. I can't wait for it to wear it in the spring and summer.

10. After buying skirts, I had to buy dresses. Well, had is a strong word, more like wanted to buy dresses. So I did! This dress was the first I bought since ages. I already mentioned I'm really into the polkadot trend, so I don't think I need to give any further explanation. I wore this dress with Christmas, even though it might not be your first idea of a Christmas outfit. I didn't mind, it's a great dress, for a great price (17,95 euros at H & M) which I can wear all year.

And I want to give an honorary mention to my great brown scarf from H & M. It's huge and so warm. It goes great with my pink coat (on this list, number 5) and my grey coat from New Yorker.

Are these your favorite purchases of mine as well? What are your most amazing purchases of this year?


  1. oh I love the polka dot sweater!♥ great buy!:)

  2. love the coat with the leather combination. the two of them :)
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  4. Thanx hunnn! happy new year

  5. they all are so pretty ! especially the pink coat :) Happy new year doll ! xx

  6. The coat is super cute :) following you now

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  7. Great things, I love the skirt with floral pattern! :)

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  8. Great purchases indeed!