Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The boyfriend jeans

After my successful shopping spree in Eindhoven, I got another nice surprise waiting for me at home. A package! H & M delivered my boyfriend jeans. And I must say, they were again very quick with the delivery. I think the jeans are very nice. They look baggy, but they're supposed to be, since they're boyfriend jeans. Don't mind the boots though, I don't think they look nice together but my sister M. was taking pictures of my outfits and I wanted to hurry, so I forgot to show them with pumps. But I'm sure you will see the boyfriend jeans in a nice outfit of the week post very soon :)!  The jeans were on sale, for only 10 euros! Including the forwarding charges I have to pay 14,90 euros for jeans. That's very cheap. 


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