Thursday, December 26, 2013

Styling of a Christmas dress

Yesterday I wrote about ideas for a Christmas outfit. Today I want to show how you can style a festive dress. Thanks to my sister M., because she's the one in the pictures. It's her dress.

Look 1: This red dress is from the H & M, it was 59,95 euros. My sister really wanted to have it. She has a great style, more a classic style, whereas my style is more casual. She's wearing black tights with bright red heels. I think nude tights would really work with this outfit as well. Just like black pumps.

Look 2: At first I liked this dress with a black blazer, but come to think of it, it looks better without a blazer (which my sister said). With the blazer on, it makes her looks bigger while she's really tiny. You can't really see the dress that good either. So yes, my sister was right. It looks better without the blazer.

Look 3: While this looks better, I'm not that sure of the small cardigan. Sure, it maybe warm, but it's a bit short. At least you can see the dress this way. Plus, she'll be wearing accessories with it, so I'm 100 % sure she will look amazing. Tell me, what's your favorite look with this dress? Look 1, Look 2 or Look 3?