Tuesday, December 17, 2013


 Because the sale is still going strong, I decided I needed to take a look at another H & M store. Because you never know what will be on sale in other H & M stores!

 How amazing is this red dress from the H & M? Perfect for New Years Eve, me thinks. It was only 7 euros, originally it was 12,95 euros. Still a bargain!

This festive top was only 5 euros (sale, first 9,95 euros). I'm afraid it will be some time before I will get a chance to wear it. 

 This nude T-shirt was only 5 euros and on sale as well (first 9,95 euros). I own it in dark blue as well, but what the heck. One can never have too many T-shirts. My sister M. owns in it light blue.


 This blazer was only 15 euros and I think it's so pretty. The gold buttons, the collar, the color. Everything just looks amazing. It was originally 39,95 euros.

The buttons look so awesome!

This dress was only 7 euros. It was originally 12,95 euros.

 Cute for the spring and summer.

Naturally, that wasn't everything I tried on, I tried on a lot of sale items (unless stated other wise). ^ All of the above were the items I did end up buying.


7 euros, the sleeves looked cute from the front but not from the side. 


 This blazer was on sale for 20 euros, it was 34,95 before. This blazer didn't look as good as the blue one.


 This blue top was 7 euros, but I think this one looked a little bit too much like this one.

This striped sweater was 3 euros, so cheap but I have too much striped already and the sweater wasn't that amazing and not really warm. I probably wouldn't wear it or only 1 time and I wanted to spend my 3 euros on other items. 


I saw this sweater before and if it's on sale for 15 euros or less it's mine! It was 24,95 euros in the store.

This dress was 10 euros. I didn't like the front but I tried on a ton of dresses this day!


7 euros, it looked cute on the rack but horrible when on. It was short and the buttons were too far apart so you could see my belly.

This dress was 10 euros, originally 19,95 euros. I tried the red version before and liked it, but I already had too many purchases I wanted to buy.  However, when I wore it today it felt way too big and didn't look as pretty.


This denim dress was 10 euros and I wanted it so bad but I already selected too many items. Sometimes it's so annoying that the months fly by unless you're waiting on your salary!


7 euros, cute but nothing special and a tad short in my opinion. 

It looks cute on the pictures but cheap in real life. 7 euros instead of 14,95 euros.

I really want a plaid skirt and this one was 10 euros, but this one wasn't it. The band needed to be so high that you could almost see my underwear. 


The smallest size, but still way too big. This cardigan was from the C & A and costs 24,95 euros. I love cardigans like this and I want another one. But this one was too big.

I'm also searching for checkered/tartan/plaid pants, so when I saw these at C & A I thought: great! But they were way too big. So I have to continue on looking!


  1. they all are so pretty outfits !! but i love the pink dress :) Merry Christmas doll !! xx

    1. Thank you, I immediately fell in love with the dress, can't wait to wear it. Merry Christmas to you too!

  2. Lovely outfits! You look great in all of them. Merry Christmas!


    1. Thank you so much! Merry Christmas to you as well!

  3. I like the jacket with the big buttons and your black and gray dress. Lovely.
    I'm following you with GFC now. Hope you can visit my blog and follow me back.


  4. the red dress is fabulous!♥ lovely finds!:)