Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Another day, another online order. You have to do something right?

I mentioned this blouse in another shoplog. I tried it on December 10, when I was in Almere.I really liked it, but I had a vague memory of seeing this blouse on the site on sale. So I didn't buy it in Almere and immediately looked on the site. It was sold out, but luckily eventually my mom ordered it for me. It was 12 euros online instead of 24,95 euros in the store.

This edgy skirt was only 6 euros in the sale. My mom said it could be a nice skirt, but I wasn't that sure. But I started to think about what to wear with it and I knew I had to order this skirt as well. It was originally 19,95 euros. I think it would look great with a basic black T-shirt.


  1. We love both these pieces A LOT! We agree, that skirt is so busy so it would look perfect with a basic top. We can't wait to see what it looks like on you