Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I went to Almere today, to do some good old fashioned shopping! Always nice. Especially since I heard the sale has started and who can resist that? I don't. 

I bought this really cute dress at Primark, for only 3 euros (originally 11 euros)! At the beginning it wasn't that busy, but even for a workday it slowed became very crowded. The madness! I understand why though, Primark is very cheap. And they even had stuff on sale, can you believe it? This dress was on sale. Also a nice fun fact, my sister bought the same dress! When we both had it on a woman in the dressing room said she felt like she was seeing double. Another woman thought we were twins, but no just sisters!

I bought these very cute fringe boots at Van Haren. They were on sale as well. I bought them for 14,95 euros. They used to be 29,90 euros. I saw them on this amazing website, she's an amazing fashion blogger. I've been stalking the website of Van Haren ever since I saw these boots. 

I also bought these socks for 2,90 euros. They were on sale as well. I think they work really well with these brown boots from De Schoenenreus. These boots are a couple years old. As you can see the fabric is peeling of.

How cute is this grey trench coat from the New Yorker? My mom spotted it and it was on sale. I scored it for 30 euros, instead of the 59,95 euros it was before the sale. 60 euros for a coat isn't much either, but sale is always nice. Just like a discount and a cheaper price right! FYI, I'm wearing a dress underneath, you just can see it.


Inside the coat. The zebra print is a bit tacky perhaps, but you can't see that either way when I'm wearing it. The coat doesn't have buttons, you'll close it with a zipper.

After Primark and Van Haren I had to take a look at H & M.


This vest was only 7 euros. I like the print. It's a little bit worrying perhaps that I knew the price on the webshop. Online it's for sale for 12 euros. Originally it was 19,95 euros.


I know, I know. I have this one in beige already. But it was only 10 euros! How could I resist? Originally 19,95 euros.

The color is so pretty and so bright. Love it! 

This black embroidered blazer is chic yet a little bit edgy. Good for work or going to dinner with friends or family. And I only had two black blazers. So one more doesn't hurt right?


This blazer was now 20 euros. Also on sale.

Here are items I tried on, but didn't buy.

This mustard sweater was only 14,90 euros at C & A. While I really liked the color, I was almost drowning in the sweater because it was so big. Too big. It looked like I was wearing a sweater of my sister. 


This blouse was on sale at C & A. It was originally 19,90 but there was a 40 % discount. But I was wise and realized I have enough checkered blouses as it is (but they're so nice, so you can't really blame me).

Simple white T-shirt from H & M, 8 euros.

Way too big. Only 5 euros.

This blouse was super cute, but alas not on sale (yet). It was 24,95 euros. I will definitely check the website whether this cute blouse will be on sale. Especially because I could've sworn I saw it on the website in the sale.

This blazer is super cute. It's from the Trend collection and it's 49,95 euros. Unfortunately not on sale.

H & M black embroidered blazer, 20 euros, orange/red sweater 10 euros. own the same in beige, vest 7 euros


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