Friday, December 27, 2013

Outfits of the week: Week 50

This is the first week since my internship I hadn't any obligations. That was quite nice, to have a little bit of time of after my three busy months. While my shoe-wear was a tad boring this week, I'm hoping you do like the outfits!


An Christmas sweater. They're all the rage this year, but they were pretty popular last year as well. Primark has a lot of them. This one is from the H & M though, it was only 5 euros (sale) and I bought it this year I think. The blue pants are from Primark and I bought them this year on January 31. The black ankle boots are from H & M.


 I wore this H & M blouse with shopping. I usually wear a sweater while shopping and I realized why: easy with trying on (potential) new clothing. At least my beloved superstretch jeans are easy with shopping because I don't have to unbutton 20 buttons. An complete H & M outfit, now that I think about it!

I wore my new sweater from Takko Fashion and I really love this outfit. It was my dad's birthday, so I wanted to look a little fancy for when my grandma came over. And because I wanted to wear the sweater with my black skirt from H & M. The leggings are from the C & A, shoes H & M.

 No Throwback Thursday here, since this was the first time I wore my new black sweater from H & M. I bought it for only 10 euros in Utrecht. Jeans are superstretch (H & M). The ankle boots are H & M as well.

 I bought this pink sweater in August last year. It's from the H & M in Zwolle. I went shopping with a friend that day and bought another pink sweater and pink pants. A whole lot of pink bought in just one day!
Jeans are superstretch, fresh from the laundry. I couldn't find my tregging. Shoes are H & M.


  1. Love that blouse from H&M, you always look so comfy! XOXO

  2. lovely!

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  4. I love the sweater, is really really cute!!

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  5. such a cute outfit doll !! xx

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  7. Nice outfits!!

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  8. Beautiful looks!!! would you like to follow each other with GFC and Bloglovin?
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