Friday, December 13, 2013

Outfits of the week: Week 49

I went shopping in Utrecht and Eindhoven this week. The shopping sprees were quite the success, according to my bank account. Because of all the shopping, it was all about casual looks this week. Even though I mostly wear casual outfits.

On Monday I went for a very casual look because I went to Utrecht. I wore my green sweater from the H & M, which I ordered online last year. I combined it with my tregging (H & M) and brown boots from Scapino.

On Tuesday I went shopping again, this time with a friend in Eindhoven. We had a blast. I went for a casual look again, although it was quite chilly in this sweater. Again the tregging (H & M) and the brown boots from Scapino. The pink sweater is from H & M, which I bought on October 13 in Almere.

On Wednesday I stayed home and wrapped myself in this very cozy cardigan from H & M. Paired with my red sweater from C & A, which I bought somewhere last year, and my jeans from H & M it was quite warm. My boots are from H & M as well.

Very cozy!

My style is always kinda casual, as you can see in my outfits of the week. I sometimes like to dress up, but mostly I'm all about the vests, sweaters and jeans. Just like this outfit showcases. I'm wearing a sweater from C & A, which I bought last year (I think). I combined it with my ripped jeans from H & M and my black ankle boots from H & M as well.

I went to my town today for quick grocery shopping with my mom which ended up being several hours away because I wanted to take a 'quick' look at several stores. I'm wearing my ripped jeans from H & M again. I paired it white my white and pink striped vest from H & M and a basic white top from H & M. Shoes aren't from H & M, they are from De Schoenenreus. They're a couple years old.

When I bought them I really liked them but didn't wear them a lot. After a while I didn't like them anymore and they're not really warm. Now I like them again, because they kinda look like motorcycle boots.