Friday, December 6, 2013

Outfits of the week: Week 48

Week 48 at last! My last week at my internship. I've learned so much and I've had three great months over there. Nice colleagues and I was able to do a lot without being supervised all the time. I've loved the freedom and I'll be sad to go. I still got this weird feeling I will return on Monday. On top of my last week at my internship, I had a crazy busy week. But it was fun!

Let's start with the universally most hated day of the week: Monday! I wore my black blazer which I ordered on October 19. I combined with my superstretch jeans which I ordered on September 4 and with my black ankle boots which I ordered on November 20. All the three items are from H & M.

My blouse however, is from C & A, which I bought in Lelystad on November 23

My cozy polkadot sweater (H & M) again, can't help myself. Just love the sweater! I combined with my superstretch jeans and red boots from Taft Shoes. The red boots were 35 euros and on sale. I bought them in Almere, during the summer. No Tuesday blazerday this week.

 I felt like wearing a sweater again this day, but with a little more sophisticated look. The white blouse makes the sweater from Takko Fashion a little less casual. I'm wearing my dark jeans from the H & M, which were 9,95 and I bought the jeans this year. The shoes are from Van Haren.

 The white blouse is from the H & M.

A familiar look I know, but I just really love the vest. I either bought it in 2009 or 2010. It's from H & M, just like the striped shirt. This whole outfit is H & M, since the pants are from there as well.

 And the red ankle boots of course H & M as well. After working all day I can definitely feel my feet since the heels are quite high. Even though they're easy to walk in, I'm glad if I'm at home and can walk on my feet again!

 My last day at my internship! It was a crazy, weird day. But really fun! They were so sweet and called me the best intern that ever worked there. Always nice to hear :)! I brought cake and pie. I ate such great carrot cake from HEMA, omg it was delicious! I wore something really festive today and got loads of compliments.

I'm wearing my pink blazer from the Conscious collection from H & M. The black blouse is from Takko Fashion. The black ankle boots are H & M, just like the flower skirt.

The legging is from C & A. I also got a gift from my colleagues, so sweet. I got a fashion check of 50 euros! A lot of money! They knew I like fashion, so they thought it was appropriate. And they know me well, because I was so happy with it. You can spend the fashion check at several stores in the Netherlands.

I returned to week today, since the first time in three weeks! It was a bit weird to return, but fun. I went to Catching Fire at night with my sister M., a friend of mine and hers. The movie was so good, I totes want to go again asap! I also want to read the books again. I read them after the first movie came out and I really liked the first book. I wasn't that much of a fan of the other two, but since the movie was so awesome I need to read them again!

 I wore my dark jeans from H & M again, which I wore on Wednesday as well. The striped shirt is from Vero Moda, just like the denim blouse with fake leather sleeves. The black ankle boots are H & M. The cinema was packed and it was so hot that I didn't even wear my blouse. I had to take it off because I was seriously melting.

On Sunday I went to a high tea in Almere with friends of mine. I went to one in Amsterdam during the summer and I liked that one better. But this one wasn't that bad. I was stuffed halfway the high tea, just like my friends.

I'm wearing my new vest from the H & M. I combined it with my black blouse from Takko Fashion, black ankle boots from H & M and tregging from H & M.


During the high tea it was so hot again, I had to take my vest of. The tea was hot as well, so this outfit wasn't that smart perhaps. But at least looked cute, right?


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