Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you all! I hope you have a wonderful time with family (and friends). Enjoy unwrapping the gifts if you have any and enjoy the lovely meals. Stuff yourself so you can curse yourself the rest of the year for eating so much with Christmas. Plus, you will already have your first New Years resolution! With the holidays we can eat as many as we want, so I'm gonna do that! Have you come up with a great outfit for Christmas? If not, here is some inspiration! 

 A dress is always nice to wear with the holidays. You can go for a fancy dress you bought specifically for Christmas but you can also wear a casual dress and try glammin' it up with accessories.


Skirts are a good choice as well. With a casual black skirt, you don't have to worry you won't be wearing it the rest of the year. Add a cute pair of boots and a nice sweater or fancy looking blouse and you're done! Certainly, it can be nice to buy a new outfit but it can be expensive and a little bit of a shame if you can only wear it once or twice a year.

Blazers are a nice touch with a skirt, dress or pants. The outfits above are all with pants. I love pants, but decided to wear a dress with Christmas. For those of you, who want to wear pants, try a fancy looking blazer. You can go for a green or red one, for the nice Christmas colors. Of course you can wear other colors as well, if green and red would be a little too extreme.

There is no reason to not wear a sweaters with these holidays. You can opt for a casual look, but if you want a more put together look you can add gold accessories and edgy pumps. Choose a very Christmas sweater or a more neutral one with glitter or sequins so you'll still get a festive feeling.

Vests can be laid back but with pumps it can be very classy. Grey always looks chic but not always very festive. Try to put some colors in your outfit, so everyone will be talking about your outfit!


 Blouses are of course perfect for a nice occasion. You certainly don't need to wear a skirt with blouses, pants can work great. Even jeans. Again, pumps are wonderful for a little bit more of a dressy outfit. Just like accessories.

 And did you figured out what to wear these days? As for me, I did. But what exactly? You will find out soon enough in my very last outfit post of this year, which I will put online in 2014!