Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Box and a bag

Today I went shopping in Zwolle with my mom and when I came home not one package was waiting on me, but two! One giant box from C & A, with my two dresses and another package from H & M. I expected the H & M blouse and skirt, but when I opened the package it appeared to be the blazer I ordered.

I'm keeping both dresses. I think the denim dress is awesome. And it doesn't make me too nostalgic to my childhood as I used to own a denim dress when I was a kid as well. This dress was on sale and only 12 euros. It was 19,90 euros at first.

 This dress is so cute! It's totally amazing! I think I would combine it with brown shoes or boots. Perhaps it can look great with a denim jacket? I'll have to check somewhere in the near future. This dress was 12 euros in the sale as well, originally it was 19,90 euros. The flower dress reminds me so much of fall. But it can be worn in every season, though it would be cold in the winter.


The blazer I ordered from the H & M. I don't have much to add except that I'm keeping it and I thinks it looks classy. I'm also relieved it doesn't make me too pale. It was 10 euros.

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