Thursday, November 21, 2013


Oops. I ordered something again! I ordered these really cool black ankle wedges. The platform is 2,5 cm and the heel is 9,5 cm. So quite high (at least for me). But they look so cool.

 I'm aware of the fact that I just ordered these black ankle boots yesterday. But these are completely different besides the color. These are wedges! These don't have a zipper, the other ones do. And the wedges have two belts at the top of the shoe. The other one just one. Besides, black shoes are so easy to combine. You can never have too many black shoes in my opinion. And it helped that these were also on sale. Yeah, that really didn't hurt.

I ordered the wedges for 14,90 euros using discount codes (again). They weren't that expensive to begin with, they were originally 39,95 euros. They were 20 euros on sale, but I scored them for 14,90 euros including forwarding charges! Let's just hope that they're nice in real life as well. And that they're really black like on the picture.