Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I always love it when H & M has new discounts or new items in the sale. This month they had a couple of times where selected items were 50 % cheaper. I saw these boots before on the site for 49,95 euros and while I liked the colour, I wasn't that sure of the fur at the top. Fur has a tendency to make outfits very tacky and normally I'm not a big fan of fur because of that reason (it's fake fur BTW, but I'm not that big of a fan of real or fake fur).

However on Monday I saw the black ones for 24,95 euros on the H & M webshop. While black is easier to combine, I liked the brown ones better. The sad part was that they weren't 50 % cheaper. But the next day they were. Really strange, but I checked multiple times on Monday and seriously, they were 49,95 euros. But on Tuesday they were 24,95 euros. And even though I wasn't sure of the fur and the height of the wedges (the heels are 8,5 cm plus 1,5 cm with the platform, quite high I think). I used the discount codes again and I'll have to stop with that because I'm afraid they're gonna block my account if I use the codes again. I payed 18,61 including forwarding charges for the boots.

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