Monday, November 11, 2013


New actions on the H & M site! That's what I love about Mondays! They again had 50 % discount on selected items. I ordered two different things as well.

I first ordered these cute ballerina's for 5 euros. They're on sale and used to be 9,95 euros. So these were almost 50 % cheaper as well! I'm really curious whether they fit. My feet are like the worst with trying on shoes and especially flats! My toes are long and may look elegant  (sounds quite arrogant, but it's true!) but are horrible with flats. Since I technically need a bigger size because of my toes, but my feet are quite narrow. So I slip out of the flats because they're too wide, but they're too small because of my long toes. First world problems!

This was one of the selected items which was 50 % cheaper. If you remember, I tried on the dark blue version in Almere on October 13. I like the color of this sweater as well but I'm not sure of the size. I ordered the smallest size and I wore the smallest size in Almere but it was still very big. I know it's the fit, but it looked like I was drowning. So I might have to return it. But it was only 9,95 euros instead of 19,95 euros. I also don't own this color yet, so here's hoping it will fit.

Same story with this one. Also 9,95 euros at the moment and normally 19,95 euros. Like the color as well and don't own it yet. At least I think...

This skirt looks so cute and was only 14,95 euros. I normally don't wear skirt, but I'm expanding and trying out new things. Plus, now is the time to wear skirts. In 50 years I probably won't be doing that anymore! I hope it's not too short. It will be really cute with black tights underneath. And perhaps with my red ankle boots?

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