Saturday, November 9, 2013

Package: Two sweaters

I had the day off from work and I was finally able to actually see a package get delivered! Only sad part was that the mail man didn't come to the door. He put the package in the mailbox. I wasn't fully dressed yet, because I was enjoying a lazy Saturday so it wasn't that bad. Off course I immediately went to the mailbox (I was watching out of my window when I heard a car coming, that's how I knew my package had arrived!) and was cursing when the shitty thing wouldn't open. At least I always stay calm (*sarcasm*) and nearly broke the mailbox.


My two new sweaters came in. I really like the first one the most, but the second one is more unique looking. The first sweater was 50 % off and I used a discount code, so the price was 7,46 euros (normal price 19,95 euros).


Both sweaters are quit large so you don't have to be afraid for food baby's! I ordered this sweater for 9,95 euros (original price 19,95 euros).

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