Friday, November 1, 2013

Package: Two blouses

My two blouses from the sale came in today!

Wow, look at that flash! It's because of the buttons on my blouse. The flash made the blouse a bit brighter as well, but that's what you get with flash. I like the color of the blouse and I love the studs. Thus, I'm keeping it.

Hm, I do have to use the scissors before I'm gonna wear this blouse.

I ordered this blouse for 15 euros with discount. It's also on sale. It used to be 34,95 euros. So I got more than a 50 % discount!

 I'm keeping this blouse as well. I really dig the whole lumberjack look. This blouse was for 20 euros on sale as well. The original price was 34,95 euros.


I had no idea this blouse has studs on the collar. I don't mind, I like it. Gives a little bit more of an edge to the blouse. And apparently I really want my clothes to be edgy because I use the word all the time. Also, it was quite the pain in the ass to take pictures of the studs because of the flash. But because it's so dark outside you can't take pictures without the flash.

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