Saturday, November 30, 2013

Outfits of the week: Week 47

On Saturday I had the day off again. So I went to Lelystad, for a little bit of shopping. I wasn't really in the mood to finish my paper. Even though I really have to work on it from now on.

I started the week with this outfit. The black vest is from Vero Moda (a couple of years old), the striped top is from Vero Moda as well (old). The jeans are from H & M, which I bought on October 13 in Almere. The grey boots are from De Schoenenreus.

Even though I'm usually a big fan of color, I didn't feel like adding it to this outfit. I don't think it was necessary because the outfit doesn't look that dark.

Tuesday blazerday! This is the first time I wore my bright blue blazer, which I ordered on August 7 (fun fact, that was my very first post!). I just have too many blazers to show! I think I own 13 or 14 blazers at the moment. They just look so cool and they can make your outfit look more casual and appropriate for work.

Plus with blazers you can still wear a cute top which might not be so warm without a blazer, but combined with one the top will be wearable in the winter. Or at least in the fall. The blouse is from the C & A and I bought either this year or last year. The jeans are from H & M.

I'm wearing my grey shoes from Van Haren. These ankle boots have studs on them and it was love at first sight. They're a bit dirty, because I stood in the grass. The shoes are a couple years old and unfortunately you can tell. The fabric on the heel is starting to peel off. Boo! I will be so sad if I have to throw these away.

Perhaps you already saw this outfit when you read this post. My mom bought this polkadot blazer for me at a secondhand store on November 18. It's from Divided and I think it's so cute. Got quite the few compliments at work as well. I combined with my dark green blouse from the H & M, which I bought on September 23 in Utrecht. The tregging is from the H & M, I ordered it online September 9. I almost wear it every week, so I'm really glad I ordered, plus it was only 14,95 euros. Very cheap and so worth it!

The shoes are from H & M. I wasn't that pleased with them at first because of the color. Read all about it over here.

Almost an all blue outfit. Except for the H & M shoes. Those are khaki (though the website said brown...). I still love the color of this sweater from C & A. I bought it last year I think. The tregging is from H & M. It also looks like I'm wearing a white top underneath, but that's due the flash.

Finally a little color in my outfit again! I just realized I'm kinda wearing the same outfit as Tuesday, but the color are the opposite. On Tuesday I wore a blue blazer and a red blouse. On Thursday I wore a red blazer with a blue blouse. Had no idea I did this. Anyhow, the red blazer is old and from H & M. Blue blouse is from H & M (new), just like the pants (old).

 This pose reminds me of Madonna in the Don't Tell Me video. Look at that, she's wearing a checkered blouse as well. Though hers looks completely different. And was probably more expensive.

Where did my hand go? Tyra Banks would not approve...

Cozy right? I'm wearing my pink coat from V & D, which I bought this year, on January 3rd. It was on sale and I only had to pay 39,95, which is really cheap for a (winter) coat! The scarf is from H & M and my mom ordered it for me on November 1st. It's gigantic and really warm.

Wearing the old jeans from H & M and I combined it with this white sweater from H & M. I ordered it last year. The original price was 39,95 and I think it was a gift of the day or something. Eventually it landed in the sale for 20 euros and I ordered it. It was already small when I first wore it. It became even smaller when I washed it. I never really have that problem with clothes, except for this sweater. I kinda regret buying it. Especially because eventually it was like 10 euros. Probably because a lot of people did return it because  the sweater was so short. That's why I'm wearing a basic black top from the H & M underneath. Other wise you would see my belly and it's a bit chilly for bare belly's.

The boots are from Scapino, which I bought on August 1 along with my brown ankle boots (without the ties). Both shoes were each 10 euros. So two new pair of shoes for 20 euros! Bargain!


A better look of the sweater. As you can the sweater has sequins on it. Not on the sleeves, just on the middle part of the sweater. At least they're still all there!


  1. I like this week in outfits post. I might need to do that soon!
    Nice outfits. You have a ton of cute boots
    zozo | atelier zozo

  2. i dear :) thanks for following my blog ! I am following your blog via GFC#5 its a pink flower Ambi page :) xx

  3. I love outfit 2 & 4! Great way of showing us how to mix and match basic pieces to create more casual outfits! I should try that myself! Anyway, cute fashion blog dear! :)
    Is it ok if we could follow each other on GFC or Bloglovin? Let me know if you want to :)


    1. Thank you, I'm aware of the fact I have a casual style but I don't pretend to be a fashion icon either. I just love fashion :). Some bloggers wear amazing things but I sometimes think who would wear that in real life? Well, they do, but I like casual items!

  4. Lovely looks! I like the red blazer!
    Would you like to follow each other?


  5. Nice sweater and scarf i loved it...