Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Outfits of the week: Week 45

I had a cold this week. I was hoarse and sounded like a smoker. Sorry to all the smokers. And I was coughing and sniffing like a maniac. So disgusting! 


That's why I wore my very comfy new vest which I ordered on October 21. It was 19,95 euros and it's definitely worth the price. It's so comfy. After Monday I wore it every evening. Yeah, I need to wash it.

Shiny buttons. I scored the blouse for 15 euros in the sale, 20 euros cheaper than the original price. I ordered it on October 28. The tregging is from the H & M, which I ordered on September 8 for 14,95 euros. The shoes are from Scapino, which I bought in August for 10 euros.

This is the first time I'm wearing this blazer. It's green/blue and was 15 euros in the sale. It's a H & M off course. I bought either this year or last year. I'm wearing my white blouse, with my tregging and horse riding boots which I ordered on October 10. I just realised that all the four items are from the H & M. Haha!

It's finally time for my winter coat! While I hate the cold, I couldn't wait to wear my super cute coat again. I bought it on January 3 during the sale. It's from the V & D which usually has more expensive clothes. But I was searching for a nice winter coat and I saw this one. It was in my size as well and I was so surprised it wasn't sold out!

The color is quite bright, though it's less bright than in the pictures. But look at the cute bow! So amazing. It was 39,95 euros. And the coat was on sale, the original price was 79,95 euros.

I think this scarf which I bought on August 21 in Leiden works really with this coat. I think the yellow mustard pants works great with the coat as well.

I bought the yellow mustard jeans last year online at the H & M webshop for 17,95. They were my favorite pants for a while. Combined them with my beige sweater from the H & M, bought it on line last year as well. The shoes are from Van Haren.

Nice outfit for the office. My black blazer from the H & M, which I ordered on October 19.

I bought the purple blouse for 7 euros (it was on sale) on October 13 in Almere. I combined the outfit with my superstretch jeans and grey shoes from De Schoenenreus.

The polkadot sweater again! I combined it with my light jeans from the Vero Moda and grey shoes from De Schoenenreus.

On Saturday I wore this outfit when I went to a friend of mine. The jeans were 9,95 euros, so was the sweater. Both are from the H & M and were on line orders. Shoes: De Schoenenreus.


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