Saturday, November 9, 2013

Outfits of the week: Week 43

This week among other things I had a party with colleagues. The weather was a bit weird, because it was kinda warm for the period of the year. A little bit unexpected, but nice. I like it when it's a normal temperature outside and your ass isn't freezing of. 


I don't have a special announcement. It's just a food baby and a bad posture.You might think the sweater is very bright due to the flash, but that's not true. It's just really bright. I paired it with my light jeans from the Vero Moda and brown shoes from Van Haren.


Red paired with red! 


My blue blazer with the patches. Still love this blazer so much. My sister has the blazer in red. A great colour as well, but I don't think she has patches on the arms. Or else I don't remember it.

My lovely sweater from the H & M. I paired the sweater with new pants from the H & M, which were only 9,95 euros. The jeans are not the same as these, but are the same as these jeans but these are the black version

I wore stripes again today! Three outfits with stripes after each other. A bit much perhaps. But what can I say, I just really love stripes.

I wore a grey blazer paired with something other than stripes!


This top without a blazer or vest is not work appropriate, but paired with one of these items it works pretty good. You can see a little bit of my nude bra. It's not that pretty, but with a lot of white tops you pretty much have to wear a bra like that. With a red bra you would see that under a white top. 


On Saturday I had a dinner/party with my colleagues. We do that once a year. For the team spirit or something. Anyway, dinner was so good! Especially the dessert, I had the most amazing chocolate muffin. It was so good. I didn't want to smile for an hour, because there was still chocolate on my teeth and everything, but boy was it good.

It looks like I'm falling, but I wasn't. At first I wanted to wear my new riding boots with my new blouse, but the red pumps make the outfit more informal and cute. I love these pumps, they're just horrible to walk in. But they make me so tall!

This is how I wore my blouse. I wasn't if I wanted to put the blouse in my pants or casual out of my pants. I went for the first option, though I like both.


 And a nice view from the back haha! No but seriously, I wanted to show the way I put my blouse in my pants. As you can see I wore it a little bit longer at the back. To make it look more casual. Anyhow, the evening was great. Lovely food and it was nice to talk with all of my co-workers outside the workplace.

The lazy Sunday. Wore the same jeans I wore yesterday. From the H & M, 19,95 (original price without the discount) which I bought in Almere. The sweater is from the H & M as well, I bought it last year online during the sale.


  1. I love this shirt, jeans and red shoes! So chic :)

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  2. You red sweater is so cool and stylish!

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    1. Thank you and I'm following you on both channels =)!

  4. Nice outfit, I love the red pumps!
    xx Sarina