Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Surprise, surprise! Delivery

I swear, the delivery man was afraid he was gonna get fired because he didn't deliver any package for quite some time. The last was October 12. That means, it was time again to get another package. And I was quite happy with the H & M, because they decided to deliver my blouse earlier. Yeah, love when that happens! I ordered this blouse on September 26 for 11,21 euros (I used 25 % discount, the normal price is 14,95 euros). So I almost waited a month for it to arrive, luckily I had enough items which got delivered!

I'm loving this blouse. It's longer at the back. Obviously, I'm keeping this blouse. I'm wearing my new boots as well. 

My horse riding boots I ordered October 10. These were 25 euros. As you can see the front is a little bit darker. I already thought it would be, since it's the same with the picture on the website. It's a bit darker on the front as well. I love the little belt at the back. Cute detail! A little bit edgy too. I tried these boots on in size 38 when I saw them in Almere. That size was too big. These felt a little bit too small, but I have very long toes (yes, I know it sounds weird, but I'm weird!) and I usually like it when I have a lot of space for my toes. Yet I still buy shoes too small too often. So I'm keeping the boots.

This top was 12 euros. I ordered this one on October 7 and it got delivered on October 12. It was 12 euros, but the pattern didn't look good. It was already a bit loose. So I send it back and requested a new. And tadam, here it is! I'm keeping this one, because this top does look good. For how long? No idea! But I'm gonna enjoy while it lasts. It might wash it with the hand, because I can see the pattern coming of if you wash the top too often. 

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