Thursday, October 17, 2013


For the first time in weeks I went to school again, just for one day though. I'm currently doing a internship, hence I don't go to school anymore at the moment. I was saying for weeks I wanted to go the H & M store in Zwolle (where my school is). I come there five days in a week, just to catch a train (I don't live in Zwolle) and on Thurdays the stores close at 21.00 hours. I arrive in Zwolle at 17.30 hours, but then I'm never in the mood to go shopping (!). So yes, I'm able to resist myself, although I think this explains my shopping behavior online. I never go the stores anymore, so I have to buy everything online. But today I finally visited the H & M store in Zwolle again. I didn't buy much, just this light purple blazer which was ten euros. I can't find it on the website, but the normal price was 19,95 euros. I like the colour, not something I would usually wear but I'm experimenting.



Sorry you can see my bra. This new top  is really see through.
I tried on the following things:


I tried on this blue blouse but I looked big and it was big.It's 19,95 euros.


I still want it. 34,95 euros.


I still want this one as well. 49,95 euros.

I wasn't that sure about this one. It's 20 euros and now on sale. It's from the Conscious collection. It's 15 euros on the website, but I saw one in the store which was 15 euros as well. Kinda weird, but I didn't want to buy it either way. So I didn't really care. I'm complety sure it's the same blouse as the website, because the blouse I'm wearing has longer sleeves. Normal price: 39,95 euros.

This one was way too tight as you can see. Again stripes lol. I also saw a picture of this piece, but then as a top. I would like that one better. This one was 7 euros, the normal price was 14,95 euros.

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