Monday, October 21, 2013


Let's just skip the part where I say I already bought too much these last few months. Like Ned Starks always says, 'Winter is coming'. Winters in the Netherlands can be quite cold. I'm more the type who loves summer, though I don't like it when it's too hot either. (I'm Dutch, I'm allowed to complain.) Which happened quite a lot this year. Since winter can be quite chilly, you need to be prepared! That's why I ordered these two vest. (I'm also realizing I'm slowly running out of excuses when I order/buy new clothes, so I really need to brainstorm about new excuses.)

This vest is 19,95 euros at the H & M website. I saw this vest online but it looked really huge. When I saw someone wearing it on a blog, I was so jealous. I wanted to wear it as well and for only 19,95 euros, I couldn't resist.

I saw this vest on the same blogger as well and it looked awesome on her. I wasn't that sure if it would be my style. I was afraid it would age me too much. But hey, for only 1 euros you can send it back if you don't like it. And it might look great on me? Thus, I ordered it.

I was looking at the sale at the H & M webshop for the last few weeks, for several items. One of them was this amazing cowboy jacket. I love the fringes at the front and at the back. It was almost always sold out in the size I wanted and I was getting desperate and thinking about ordering a smaller size. Luckily, my mom is so sweet to check the website as well while I'm at my internship (I can't check the website there all the time, now can I?). She was able to order this one at last! I'm really looking forward to this package, because I'm curious about the three items. These are things I usually wouldn't wear but I'm expanding! This jacket was only 20 euros.


  1. The first one is pretty.

    1. Thank you! The package got delivered on Saturday, it will be online quite soon!