Wednesday, October 2, 2013


It’s almost a week ago I made my last order at the H & M. So it was time for another, right? I’m so excited as well, because tomorrow my superstretch jeans will finally be delivered. I ordered these jeans all the way back in September. Can’t wait!

This T-shirt is from the Conscious collection from the H & M. It’s now on sale, for only 7 euros. The original price was 14,95 euros.

I was staring at T-shirt for weeks. This color looks so amazing (it usually does on the website). This T-shirt is from the Conscious collection as well. I already own the T-shirt in white and though the quality isn’t amazing, I still want it. It was only 4 euros. And I don’t have to pay for the forwarding charges, so yeah! The original price is 9,95 euros. 

I ordered the following T-shirts for my sister.


This amazing T-shirt is on sale for 7 euros and very popular. It’s sold out most of the time. The deep red looks lovely, very chic. She’s getting a size S, because that was the only size which was still available. She usually wears XS, she’s really thin. Jealous! I own this T-shirt in black and she also owns it in powder. 

The original price is 9,95 euros. 

 Ordered this one as well. Look at the cute color, so lovely. I don’t think the color would match my style. I own it in dark blue btw, lol! This item was on sale as well, for only 5 euros. Normally it’s 9,95 euros. I bought the dark blue on sale as well, but in the store. 

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