Saturday, October 26, 2013

Package: Cowboygirl and more

Yeah, my vests and jacket came in! So was the white vest way too big and did the red make me too old? Yiha, let's find out!


I'm keeping the white vest. It's really comfy and I'm loving it already. I'm still not sure if I will wear it to work. I might. Ugh, work clothes can be quite difficult sometimes. In any case, it's perfect for wearing it at home. It's quite wide, but I don't mind. That's the way it's supposed to be. It was 19,95 euros. 


This vest made me look very old, as I thought it might. I didn't like the fact that the lines at my shoulder were way too low. It was the model of the vest, but it looked like it was way too big for me. Still, I'm glad I ordered it. At least now I know this isn't something for me. The vest was 19,95 euros.


Cowboygirl! Yiha! This cowboy jacket is really thin, I'm actually quite surprised by it. I suspected it was a little bit thicker. But I really think the fringes are totally awesome! So yeah, a keeper as well. Love my new white vest and cowboy jacket. The jacket was 20 euros and it was sold out all the time. But my mom finally got the jacket in my size. So happy right now. Another jacket I can scrap from my wishlist.


I wanted to show the fringes while I was spinning around, so you could see them flowing, but that really didn't work out. 


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