Monday, October 28, 2013

Outfits of the week: Week 42

I always love wearing new outfits and new clothes. Last week I went to Almere and it was a success. This Outfits of the week post will feature quite some new items I bought. But that's always the nice thing and ultimately the goal of shopping! New clothes/outfits! 

I wore my new red blazer on Monday. Paired with my new white top and light jeans, all bought in Almere at the H & M. The blazer was 16,95 euros because I got a 15 % discount. I got 15 % discount on the top (12,71 euros) and jeans (16,95 euros). My blue wedgies are from Van Haren.

The top looks so cute with the lace. Though I admit it's a bit windy and chilly without a blazer.

On Tuesday I wore my new pink sweater and I'm so glad I bought it. I wasn't that sure of the color at first, because I was afraid it would make me very pale. But I think it's great. I wore my light not so light jeans from the H & M, which I ordered September 8. My shoes are from Van Haren.

I didn't notice my vest was wet until this picture. I think I spilled water on it during dinner, so luckily it wasn't there all day (I hope). The vest, top and jeans are all H & M. Most of my outfits are almost complete H & M.

The puffy sleeves.This vest was 19,95 euros and I either bought it in 2009 or 2010. Wow, that was a long time ago!


This top kinda looks psychedelic without the vest.

 I wore a purple blazer on Thursday, when I went to school again. I bought this blazer either this year or last year, for only 15 euros at H & M. 

This white sweater is from the C & A. I bought it this year. The purple pants are from the H & M, I bought those last year. It has a zipper on the end, right above the shoes. The fabric feels different as well, but I can't really explain it. 


Details of the zipper. Shoes are from Scapino. 

 Ah nice, the lazy Sunday. A friend came over and I wore my new sweater which I bought as well in Almere. It's so warm and comfy, I think it's gonna be my favorite sweater!

A little bit of a weird pose, but I wanted to show it's wider and longer at the back.