Monday, October 21, 2013

Outfits of the week: Week 41

This week I went shopping in Almere. I was looking forward to it for several weeks! 

Boy, you really can't see my sweater due the flash! Luckily you can see the rest of my outfit.I wore my green blazer from the C & A, paired with my sweater and jeans from the H & M. Shoes are from Van Haren.


Better shot of the details of the sweater. I'm still so in love with this piece.

These pants are like two years old and from C & A. They were 39,95 euros I think. I was quite the fan of these jeans at first but when I wore them today they looked so big! These jeans were never exactly tight but I don't remember these jeans ever looking so slouchy like today. 

I wore a grey kind of brown blazer which I ordered online last year at the H & M webshop. Matched with my dark green T-shirt from the H & M.

On Wednesday I went for a more casual look. I wore my jeans from the C & A again and my stripe top from the H & M.

Better shot of the cute buttons.

I'm not that sure how I feel about this outfit. But I gotta say I'm loving my new flannel blouse. It's warm, especially worn with a blazer. I'm wearing a black one today from the C & A. I bought it several years ago and I think it was either 34,95 euros or 39,95 euros. It was my first blazer I bought. I wanted them for ages, but I always saw expensive or very big ones. Then I found this one, which is still big, it looks more like a boyfriend blazer. It also has half long sleeves, not very warm for the winter. Fortunately I wasn't cold today. Jeans are from the H & M, 39,95 euros. Bought them two or three years ago.

I'm thinking of buying another tregging (the exact same one) because this one is so comfortable and I really like them and wear them a lot. I don't know how they will last and since it's only 14,95 euros, I'm really tempted to buy/order another one. I wore my grey blazer from the WE, which I bought in Antwerpen two or three years ago went I went shopping with my sister E. I think the blazer was around the 30 euros, it was on sale. We went to Antwerpen during the sale several times, but I never really bought that much there and it was so packed with people in every store! Crazy hectic and gigantic queues. Not my cup of tea. I'm wearing my new sweater with stripes. When I bought this tregging, I remember thinking 'oh, this would go great with my new sweater'. Hence the outfit. Without the blazer it was a bit chilly.


My grey boots. I think I bought them either this year or last year. It's kind of a blur at the moment to be honest.

Look at that big smile on my face! I went to Almere in Saturday, for a nice shopping spree. It was quite the success, as you can read over here. I wore my new blouse with the fake leather sleeves for the very first time and me likes! That's all. I'm very slow lately, but I'm doing my best to update everything.

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