Sunday, October 13, 2013

Outfits of the week: Week 40

Is it October already? September started and was over before I even realised it! Last month went by so quickly. 

 On Monday I wore my new green coat again! I'm gonna enjoy it as long as I can. When it will get really cold outside (brr, even more than it is now!) I won't be able to wear it anymore because it's not exactly warm. I wanted to show this coat styled in different ways as well. That's why more pictures of the coat (plus, I like to look at it =)).

Red again.  I paired this bright red sweater from the C & A (I bought it this year or at the end of last year, don't remember the price either). I mentioned before I'm quite fond of the color red. So when I saw this sweater I knew I wanted it. It was quite cheap as well, less than 20 euros at least. The shoes are from De Schoenenreus and the jeans are from H & M.

After my red sweater on Monday I wore my red boots on Tuesday. No Tuesday blazerday this week. Sorry, better luck next time (I still have enough blazers you haven't seen and two I've never worn). I didn't wear my jacket like that when I went to work BTW. I just wanted to show the collar of the jacket can be worn up. I prefer it worn down with my cute scarf.

This vest is from H & M. It's light grey and I ordered it online last year. It was 14,90 including the forwarding charges. It's a basic vest but it's all in the details. Paired with the red boots you will still stand out in a crowd. 


A closer look of the vest. It has two small pockets on either side, which are so small they're just there. You can't really put stuff in it (or it must be super small stuff) but hey, it's makes the vest a teeny less basic.

The green T-shirt I wore last week. I said it before and I will say it again, the color is so wonderful. * I didn't use that word yet ;) *.

A closer look of my red boots.

As you can see the shoes are already a little bit damaged, though I don't remember being it like this in the store and I haven't worn them that often. Guess it's really true that everything (or most things) looks better in stores.

Today again the red boots, again to spice up an outfit. Grey doesn't always have to be boring, but especially with rainy weather can be a little be gloomy. The sweater is from the C & A, the pants are from the H & M. The top was necessary because of my cleavage, not very work appropriate.

I wore my new skinny jeans, grey sweater which I bought online at the H & M webshop last year, a simple white top (HEMA) underneath because the sweater isn't that long and my red boots.

I'm not sure what happened with my outfit pictures, because I seem to be missing two outfits? Or this week was really short and might explain why September went by so quickly? Did this week have seven days as well, like the usual, or did Father Time decided to skip a few (why not Monday?). Found them!

To make a short story long, I wore this on Friday. A very warm vest from the H & M. I ordered it online last year for only 9,95 euros. It was half the price for a week and sold out so quickly! I'm wearing my new white blouse, which you can't really on the pictures. The blouse is lovely btw. I paired it with my new supertight jeans, they're so nice. They're so comfortable that you can't feel them when you're wearing them.

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