Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Outfits of the week: Week 39

This week, shopping in Utrecht and other fun things! Join me and check my outfits this week. Finally my outfits of the week! This week is almost over, but I was so busy! 


I got to sleep in because I went to Utrecht. I did some shopping there as well, as you can read over here. Now about my outfit, I went for a casual look because I wanted to try on loads of stuff. The easy shoes (All Stars, 64,95 euros, bought those in Zwolle in April 2012) were convenient because I can walk for hours in these. The jeans are H & M, as well as the brown jacket which I ordered on August 9.

It was already so cold, even with my jacket on. Although, it’s not really thick, so I’m not that surprised. Just disappointed. This lovely shirt is from the H & M. I’m so sad I can’t wear these shirts anymore, with the half long sleeves. Because it’s already too cold for these shirts. I might wear them on a blazer though.

Again the brown coat. This time paired with heels, from Van Haren. I paired it with light jeans from the Vero Moda. I’m not that fond of these jeans, to be quite honest. It has three buttons and a very small zipper which always goes down so my underwear nearly goes peekaboo! That’s why I always combine these jeans with a long top/shirt/blouse/sweater. But I like the color so I’ll have to wait until I will find better fitted jeans which is also light. Because I have a lot off dark jeans, but not that many which are light.

And my new blouse from the H & M which I bought on Monday. It’s quite warm and very fitted. I’m so glad I bought it.

Sorry for the shitty quality of this picture. It’s because of the pants (C & A, 19,95 euros.) which are bright but not as bright as on this picture. But the brightness probably effected the camera or something?

This sweater is from the Vero Moda. I’m so peeved the sleeves aren’t longer. It’s too cold for in the winter. Maybe with a blazer, like the shirt I wore on Monday. I love this sweater because of the cute collar. It’s a Peter Pan collar. I spotted a similar sweater at H & M with the same collar but with longer sleeves. I’m watching the website very closely, but it’s sold out every time.  

Details of the collar. Cute right? The only annoying thing is that my hair gets stuck in it and that’s a little bit painful.

Lumberjack! This is the first time I wore my new tregging and I’m so in love with it! It’s tight at the legs, but not at the waist. So I can still breath. Oxygen is always nice =)!  I wore my black coat again from the H & M, which is warmer than my brown coat.

Blouse is from the H & M. It’s not that warm, so I wore a T-shirt from the H & M underneath.

Details of the tregging. No zipper, because it’s more a legging than actual pants. As you can see it’s really tight at the legs.

I wanted to show the T-shirt. I think it was 9,95 euros. It’s very casual and basic but really comfy. It’s looks awful with the tregging because it’s nearly the same color, but you couldn’t see that with the blouse on. The T-shirt is really tight, so food baby’s are really visible.

 I had a business meeting on Friday, hence the more chic look. My favorite blazer from the H & M, the dark blue one. I’ve had it for several years and it still looks amazing.

 I combined the blazer with this lovely top. Also one of my favorites and stripes! This shirt is from the Vero Moda. I’ve had it for several years and I often combine it with this blazer like today. 

 Going out with a friend! We ate a nice restaurant in my town. Dinner was so good. I think I actually ate too much, because I was a bit nauseous after dessert. Oops! I paired this lovely blue blouse/tunic from the Vero Moda with jeans from the H & M and lovely red pumps from de Schoenenreus.

The blouse is see through, that's why I'm wearing a blue top underneath which is almost the same color. I think the color of the blouse is absolutely amazing! I love the colors blue matched with red. The shoes aren’t that comfortable, but so cute! 

The heels are also quite high, at least for me anyway! I bought the blouse at Vero Moda and the shoes at De Schoenenreus last year. The jeans are a couple years old, from the H & M off course. 

My new coat which I bought on Marktplaats. I’m so in love with this coat, really glad I bought it. It’s not really warm, it’s more a jacket for in the spring. So I’m curious for how long I can still wear it. 

I paired this casual, edgy and cute outfit at the same time with a blue and white stripe shirt from the H & M. I bought it this year I think. I love it. I also really like these jeans, which looks edgy because it looks so worn which is on purpose. Those cuts were how I bought the jeans, although the hole at my leg keeps getting bigger. You can’t see it on the picture.  

These boots are made for walking. I saw them at Scapino, for only 10 euros. So cheap for these boots. I’m a big fan of brown boots. I bought those shoes along with my boat shoes and my brown ankle boots (without the ties). 

The details off the shoes. Love the buckle. There, all done! Hope I will update sooner next time!

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