Sunday, September 15, 2013

New pants!

I finally got my first H & M package! It was delivered yesterday, I’m keeping both pants. It’s kinda strange, because I ordered the mustard one in size 36. It’s a little bit tight around the waist, but I’m hoping I walk it off. A size 38 might be more comfortable, but these pants are meant to be tight. The strange part is the black pants in size 38 which fits just as nicely as the mustard 36. Pants, how do they work?

Bad news about my ongoing orders, the tregging will be delivered at the beginning of October, in stead of the end of September. I’m kind of sad, I really want to try it on. Especially since I never wore treggings before. Oh well, can’t do anything about it right? I’m even more peeved about my other order, the superstretchjeans won’t come until the beginning of November! Talk about late, damn!

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