Saturday, October 12, 2013

Huge package arrived!

I always enjoy it when there is a new package waiting for me at home. I had to wait longer than expected with the order, I think H & M didn't like that I ordered so many things without forwarding charges. Back in September there was a code so you didn't have to pay forwarding charges. I used them several times, but some clothes took very long to arrive so I ordered new stuff and I mostly didn't need to pay the forwarding charges. I guess they were fed up with that? My sister ordered the same green blouse I bought in Utrecht. And H & M waited with sending all the different items to add the green blouse. So today I finally got my package and it was a lot! Wanna know what came in the mail today?

Amazing, amazing, amazing! This top is a keeper. I loved it on the website because it's looks special, like something I don't already own! I also love the colors and the ribbon in the middle. It looks funky and a little bit retro. Something different than my other tops, definitely unique. 

I already thought this T-shirt belonged to the Conscious collection when I ordered it and I was right. Not that matters anything, but still... I already know the H & M collection good enough that I know which item belongs which collection. The fabric is really soft, almost satin like (I don't believe it's satin, because the price would've been much higher.). The sleeves are a little bit lighter than the rest of the T-shirt. I'm keeping this one as well.

It's see through like crazy, that's why you can see the bra straps. 

I'm keeping this T-shirt as well. It's not that form fitted though, you can still see food baby's. And you can see my top because of the flash from the camera.

This top is so big! I love the stripes, but it's so wide. It was 3 euros, but I'm sending it back due the size. And this was the XS, I don't even wanna know how big the XXL is!

Do you like my fake Uggs slippers? I bought them years ago in beige and brown at De Schoenenreus. They're were meant for outside and aren't actually really slippers. But the bottom of the slippers is hard and I was searching for slippers with a hard bottom. Other wise I might break my neck falling down the stars. And then what will happen with all my clothes?

This top was so bright, it was seriously like a lightning bolt. I already own it in white and I'm gonna stick with that one. Also, I should wear size 36. This one was too small and made me look like a sausage. Nice to eat, but you don't want to look like it.

This color was so amazing and I wanted to keep it so badly, but something was already loose so I'm sending it back and I requested a new one. Fingers crossed that one will be good, because this will look amazing underneath a blazer when it's cold. And even more awesome without a blazer.

All in all I'm quite happy with my items! I'm keeping three, sending three back and trading one of them for a new one.

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