Thursday, September 26, 2013


I ordered some new stuff again. I just got my salary, that’s why. And money makes the world go round, so I had no choice. Plus the economy is very bad at the moment, that’s why I have to help it. I’m doing my best.

 I ordered this blouse for my sister which I bought on Monday. She loved the colour and the fact you can’t see the buttons. It was 14,95 euros.

My mom also said your closet isn’t complete without a white blouse and you know what, she’s right. Sometimes you have to listen to your mom. She even offered to pay this one for my, but I declined. Just got my salary, so no need. This was 14,95 euros as well. I really don’t have that many blouse, especially not nice ones which look this chic.

My other sister (I have two older sisters) was here last weekend and she wore this amazing blouse. When she said she bought it at H & M I became even more jealous than I already was. It was only 14,95 euros and it was completely sold out this morning. In the afternoon it was back again, so I quickly ordered it. And now it’s almost completely sold out again! But it looks so cute and it’s so cheap, so I can see why.

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