Monday, September 23, 2013


I went shopping today in Utrecht and I got a mail during my train ride to Utrecht from the H & M. They had a 50 % discount on selected items. One of them was this lovely jacket with fake leather sleeves. Off course the temptation was too big.

Et voilà! I ordered another item from the H & M website. They must be so happy with me! Haha. Anyway, the normal price of the jacket is 39,95 but during Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday there was a 50 % discount and thus it was only 19,95. A bargain! Plus, I also used a 25 % discount code and I didn’t have to pay forwarding charges, so the jacket was ultimately only 14,96 euros. The funny thing is I also tried the jacket in the store today, but I thought it was too pricey since I’ve got something which gonna be delivered soon. Stay tuned on that. But now I still ordered this coat, lol! Can’t wait for it to arrive! This jacket was on my wishlist as well.

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