Thursday, September 26, 2013

New coat!

Today I got my coat! Yeah, I was checking the website at H & m all the time, but it was really sold out. Except in the sizes 44 and 46. So I looked at Marktplaats instead, which is like the Dutch Ebay (except we have Ebay as well). This is the coat I'm talking about.

This baby! I’m so happy with it, I was glaring at it all the time. It used to be 49,95 euros at the H & M website and it was already extremely popular back then, It went on sale for 25 euros. It bought it at Marktplaats for 25 but with the forwarding charges I payed 31,75 euros. Still, it was worth every euro. No picture of me wearing it, because it really stinks like smoke. Disgusting as I don’t smoke. So I have to clean it first. I found the coat last week on Marktplaats, payed for it on Friday and it got delivered today. Quite quickly I think. This coat was on my wishlist as well.

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