Sunday, September 15, 2013

Outfits of the week: Week 37

Yes, I’m showing my outfits. Hopefully every week. I probably won’t do a showing of my outfits on Saturday and Sunday. I usually were very comfy clothes on these days. I sometimes might take pictures on these days though.

I also won’t show my head, because as of now I don’t want to show my face. I might change my mind in the future. We’ll see!

Anyhow, this was my outfit on Monday. I wore my new Vero Moda blouse, the lighter version. Paired with my new green pants, a white shirt by the C & A which I bought this year. I finished the look with my short grey boots from either Van Haren or de Schoenenreus (not sure anymore). I liked this look, but if I’m gonna wear it in the future I have to change my shoes!

I wore this brown jacket on top of it. I’m love this coat so much! So many memories! But alas, I might have to say goodbye, since my good friend is getting sick. The fabric of my coat is peeling off. Boo!

Tuesday blazerday! This red blazer is amazing, the picture doesn’t do it justice. Please don’t mind the food baby btw. The blazer is from H & M and I think I bought it on sale, but I’m not sure anymore. I don’t remember if I bought it last year. I think I did. I paired it with a grey T-shirt from the C & A which has the Ramones on it. I wore jeans from the H & M.

My new red boots! Finally! I’m the proud owner of lovely red boots again. I love the color red. Especially bright red. For several years I had the most amazing red boots, but the fabric came off (it’s a pattern with my clothes and shoes) so I had to throw them away. It broke my heart! These new boots are shorter than the ones I previously owned. They also have an wooden heel, which I also love. They were on sale and only 34,95 euros. Cheap! I paired it with a white sweater which I bought this year on sale. I think it was 7 euros. H & M off course. I also own the sweater in black and that one was definitely 7 euros (I took a picture off it with the price tag! LOL!) so I think it must be the same for the white one.

Cute socks right!?! I wore my new mustard pants, it’s really comfy. Although I still have to get used to the zipper. It’s on the side, not on the front. The shoes are from the Van Haren. I think they were 19,95 euros or something, they were really cheap! Love them, though the heels are quite high. I love looking at high heels, but I hate wearing them because I always get uncomfortable.

The black coat is from C & A I think. I bought it last year. It’s terrible that I can’t remember where I bought my clothes! I wore my new scarf. I think it works good with the coat and you create a cool yet cute/sophisticated look. I didn’t wear the scarf above the coat like you can see in the picture. I only wore it this way for the photo. 

I wore it like this.

The sweater is from H & M. I bought it online last year.


 Please, don’t mind my belly. I have to do more workouts! I really want a tighter tummy. The lovely blue sweater is from the C & A. I wore it with my yellow mustard pants from the H & M all the time last year. It was one of my favourite looks! This time I wore my new mustard pants.

I paired it with my blue wedgies from Van Haren.

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