Saturday, September 28, 2013

New coat (again)

It looked amazing in the store, there was a great discount and suddenly this amazing jacket landed in my shopping bag and arrived on Saturday. 


It looks amazing, right? I’m so glad I bought it. Even though I really hesitated, because I already bought so much!  But the more, the merrier. Perhaps I shouldn’t visit the online website off H & M anymore any time soon. The only downside of the jacket is that it’s already too cold for it outside. And I’m not going to wear it inside, so I have to wait until next year! Spring sounds like so far away, but hopefully I’m still writing this blog and wearing this jacket for the first time and thinking, that wasn’t that long! Here’s hoping! 

You can see my smile (I wanted to show the whole jacket). And an outfit I wore during this week. My sister made the Katniss braid from The Hunger Games. Can’t wait for the movie!

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