Thursday, August 8, 2013


I ordered this sweater and a blouse online from the H & M webshop on August 8. It came like a week later or something. They were both on sale, this lovely sweater was only 7 euros.



I secretly also wanted to order this sweater, but I already have a vest with these colours. I bought the vest in Belgium during a family weekend for only 7 euros.


I'm not sure why these pictures come out so dirty looking? It might be because the items are really white, so Blogger feels the urge to make them less white and dirty looking instead so you can see the actual pictures. This blouse was only 12 euros on sale, it used to be 24,95 euros . It looks super cute, pretty soon I will show the clothes while I’m wearing them. The only shame is I probably won’t wear it for a while, because it’s so freaking cold here again.

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