Thursday, August 22, 2013


Finally, a shoplog about my last day in the Hague. I just couldn’t resist buying this shirt. I tried it on Monday, but I wasn’t sure about the size. I loved it though, so the next day I was looking in the H & M store if I found the shirt. But alas, no shirt. On the third day we went home. We actually wanted to go to Scheveningen, but we were too tired. So no shirt, boo! Luckily, our train to go home didn’t go and we had a lot of delays. This is very common in the Netherlands, our railroad system sucks. But on this day, I was very happy about it because I finally found my shirt in Almere!

Did I mention I love the 10 % student discount? The shirt was normally 14,95 euros but with the discount it was 13,45 euros. Not that much of a difference, but every euro counts!

For some weird mysterious reason there was no picture on the Dutch H & M site of my shirt. Than a wonderful thought occurred to me (that doesn’t happen a lot), it might be on the other H & M sites. I found the black and red one on the French site, we didn’t have the red one in the stores in the Netherlands. I also browsed the UK and USA site and the prices are lower on the UK site (the pound is worth more than the euro) and higher on the USA site (the dollar is worth less than the euro). There are also less articles on the USA site, plus they don’t have a sale page (yet?). A shame. Though, they do have a lot of different items on the website.

  Long story short, this year at the Hague was another successful year. In total, I bought a new pants, a new T-shirt, a new sweater, a new top, a new coat, a new scarf and a new shirt. Quite good, right? I might have to go again next year =D!

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