Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I’m gonna be really busy the next couple of months with school and stuff, but I really want to continue updating my blog. This shoplog is from my second day in the Hague.

I went to Leiden, a city in the Netherlands. It’s not as big as Amsterdam or the Hague, but still quite big for us Dutchies. Plus, it’s a really old city. You can see a lot of old buildings and I love history so it was nice seeing all those older buildings. I also went to a museum, Rijksmuseum van Oudheden, which had a lot of Egyptian sarcophagus. It was very interesting. Off course I went shopping as well. I bought this coat at H & M, I couldn’t resist. It looked so cute. Normally I prefer long(er) coats for the winter so my arse won’t freeze off. But this looked too cute. It was 29,95 as you can see, but I got a 10 % discount because I’m a student. The discounts for student is just in the stores and only because school is starting again. It’s not at every H & M, it wasn’t in the Hague. But Leiden has a university so lots of students.

 I bought this scarf to go with the coat. I was actually looking for a scarf to go along with this new brown coat. This scarf works with bot jackets. I wasn’t that sure of the scarf at first, because I was afraid it looked a little bit too prissy. When I tried the coat on with the scarf I knew I had to purchase it. It wasn’t that expensive, only 6,95 euros. And my mom paid for both, so it didn’t cost my anything! I love my mom. She is the best =D!

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