Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Closet items

I bought the black T-shirt this year on sale. I think it was really, like only 5 euros or something. 


I bought the white T-shirt in Belgium during a family weekend. I think it was 12,95 euros but I’m not 100 % sure anymore. The family weekend was in April, so a long time ago! According to a picture I found, it was 9,95 euros. Thank god I already took pictures back than, with the price tag still on it! LOL! It's very see through, so I have to wear a white top underneath.

Some items I bought this and last year. I bought the two sweater last year, I was constantly checking the H & M site. Both sweaters were on sale and almost always sold out. But finally I was able to order 4, two red sweaters and two green sweaters. One red and green for my sister and one red and green sweater for me.

I bought one green sweater for 2,46 due to discounts. It was already 9,95 euros in the sale. I bought another one for 7,46, again with a discount. I ordered the green sweater on 23rd of November last year. I ordered the red sweaters in November as well. They were less popular than the green ones.

I bought the last yellow mustard jeans last year online. It was 19,95 but I got a 2 euros discount, so it was 17,95.

I bought this grey vest online as well, it was 9,95. In total, it was 14,90 because of the forwarding charges. Damn, those charges!

I ordered this amazing T-shirt on sale at the H & M webshop. It was 7 euros. I bought it in May

I bought this lovely stripe shirt for 14,95 euros at the H & M store in either Zwolle or Almere. I love it. Again with the blue and stripes right? I know, it's like a theme in my closet. 

I bought this see through top in the H & M store, it 9,95. Quite cheap for an amazing top. It reminds me a little bit of another T-shirt I bought last year at H & M. But that one was ruined so quickly

I don’t own the last T-shirt in black, but I wanted to give you guys a better view of the top. You can’t really see the details with the white T-shirt.

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